Restart Programme pilots successful


IRC The Verne, Portland

During June & July 2015, Vivid Training was invited into IRC The Verne to facilitate a Restart pilot for detainees who engage with the Substance Misuse Services Team.

Detainees from diverse cultural backgrounds were chosen to attend the pilot and engage with the Restart material. Participants and Facilitator feedback from the sessions has been extremely positive, with most Detainees reducing or stopping their substance misuse by the end of the pilot.

Qualitative and quantative data was recorded throughout the pilot. This data demonstrated that Participants greatly benefitted from being able to express themselves in ways relevant to their cultural and learning requirements through individual journals. In addition, the pilot evidenced that the unique pre-printed Restart flip chart promoted engagement considerably for Participants in an inclusive and encouraging environment.

Future Restart pilots will occur later in 2015 at a South West prison. For further information about Restart, please Contact us.