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Restart is an interactive programme which aims to reduce substance misuse.  The content is based on psycho-social interventions with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  Depending on the participants treatment needs, they are encouraged to engage with either the Substance Misuse programme or the Alcohol Misuse programme.  Both programmes are presented in a pictorially engaging way using images to highlight key areas.

Minimal resources are required as group facilitators are able to use the unique and captivating pre-printed flip chart for each session.  The programme is designed to provide a non-judgemental environment to aid the recovery of participants.

The 16 sessions assist participants to acknowledge the negative effects of their substance use.  Participants are encouraged to complete an individual journal to help them recognise their ability to influence positive change in their lives.

Sessions are broken down into smaller sections, allowing a variety of learning methods to be adopted, including group discussions and individual reflective work.

Restart contains a number of key features that make it both easy to participate in and easy for facilitator’s to lead.

Restart aims

  • To break the cycle of addictive behaviour
  • To reduce the negative effects of substance misuse, such as reoffending
  • To contribute to the improvement of lifestyle and choices

How to purchase Restart

Please contact us for more details or to enquire about purchasing Restart products or training.

Facts and figures

Our vision for Restart is that it will significantly equip a community of people who can help themselves if they are given the right support in the right format for them.  Many of these people are represented in the figures below.